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Scales & Arpeggios

While I am THRILLED to be starting my own business and love the connectivity of Social Media (shout out to all my new followers in CA!!), I am also becoming keenly aware that I have a steep learning curve on this blogging component! The great challenge is that I am a visual artist not a writer so while I am sitting here typing away all I can think about is getting back into my studio. I love the nuances of saying so much with a single image and the way a piece of art reveals itself over time. I know that the best writing can also be full of nuances and revelations but I repeat, I am not a writer.

It is a bit like when I tried taking piano lessons as a child and we had a giant upright against a wall in the basement playroom. I was supposed to practice but it was torture to just sit there and stare at a music book and keyboard. Now I find myself in my basement playroom staring at a monitor and keyboard…

I don't hear music. All I hear is my studio calling from upstairs.

So bear with me for a bit; I promise to continue to practice! Until my next post, may blessings pour over you!


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