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October 8, 2018

What a wonderful time to be an artist in New Hampshire! First, it is FALL = cool air, beautiful colored leaves and more festivals than a person could ever attend! Second, as an artist, I have the ability and a valid excuse to either turn off the national news to create something beautiful OR I can process and express my frustrations and sorrows. I have found solace in both depending on the day. I LOVE my country. I believe firmly in respecting the dignity of every human being. I think in any situation the answer is always to respond with love and compassion. As a result of these core beliefs, I am deeply saddened by the divisions that persist and are so often magnified by politicians and corporate interests. Please join me in moving our individual neighborhoods and communities to that which good, true and beautiful; if we each shine with this light, darkness will not win. Now go do something beautiful!

Our final camping of the season, about a month ago

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