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Just the Right Color

January 2, 2019

HAPPY New Year!! I cannot believe all of the changes in my life since this time last year; it makes me wonder where I will be next year! That’s a figurative ‘where’ as I have no intention of leaving my new home. I have been working on claiming our little abode for our own, starting in the kitchen. I love when my professional and personal life mesh. Today it was when I finally got it right on the paint color. Working with the vintage vinyl wall paper we found under the hideous 80’s paper (#stained #depressing #germtrap) I wanted a hint of color to contrast the white cabinets. I cannot wait to apply my final choice. Now to just get rid of the lavender counter tops…

Professionally, I am working on taking over my hubby’s start on an Etsy shop. He got it going for both of us under his stained glass business, Riverside Stained Glass, two years ago and has never fully embraced the social component of the app. I hope to get us organized and maybe open the door for some of my crafter friends who make amazing products as well. Hopefully by the time you read this you can go to the Etsy shop presentbeingart and find me and my buds!

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