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Artist Statement

I am an eclectic artist/creator settled in Dover, N.H. My path to becoming who I am today has been full of diverse experiences and careers but the constants have been a joy in learning, creating and encouraging others. These three constants continue in my paintings and mixed media pieces.

My last career was as a K – 12 art teacher. After 15 years of teaching, I never found the time and energy to launch my own business or find time to create; so I quit teaching this past year. I have enjoyed setting up Present Being Art and getting in my home studio several days a week.

My focus is on abstract painting in either oil with cold wax or acrylics. It just depends on how quickly I want to work. Because I taught so many grades for so many years I truly love all mediums and will often have sculptures drying next to my paintings while I work on a bit of embroidery, quilting or simply crochet a new hat. No matter what I am creating I find a peaceful sense of being present when I am focused on my work.

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