Scales & Arpeggios

While I am THRILLED to be starting my own business and love the connectivity of Social Media (shout out to all my new followers in CA!!), I am also becoming keenly aware that I have a steep learning curve on this blogging component! The great challenge is that I am a visual artist not a writer so while I am sitting here typing away all I can think about is getting back into my studio. I love the nuances of saying so much with a single image and the way a piece of art reveals

Who am I...

Ohhh, how many times have I considered this question throughout my life?! More often than not it has been in a forced situation such as this one. Throughout my decades the answer has varied greatly but it is only recently that I have embraced the fluidity of my reply. I have realized that I prefer to describe myself in a narrative form than through labels. So rather than overwhelm myself with this question in my initial blog, on my initial web page, I hope the answer to who I