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Who am I...

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Ohhh, how many times have I considered this question throughout my life?! More often than not it has been in a forced situation such as this one. Throughout my decades the answer has varied greatly but it is only recently that I have embraced the fluidity of my reply. I have realized that I prefer to describe myself in a narrative form than through labels. So rather than overwhelm myself with this question in my initial blog, on my initial web page, I hope the answer to who I am will reveal itself to you over time through what I hope will be many posts to come.

For today, I start with this photo from a year ago. I am in the mountains of western North Carolina on retreat. It is summer but the morning air is cool while I work through my meditations. On this morning I am using, A Guide to Prayer by Job & Shawchuck. Their calendar of readings/lectionary is a beautiful collection of prayers, readings and songs that help me in my efforts to become a being who is ‘present in the moment’ all day, every day.

And finally, it is often just that: a struggle; not always but often! I will write more about how I find the gift of presence and the circle of the search with my art in the weeks to come…

Peace, Sarah

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